About Us

AION Campus is a premier technology education provider dedicated to preparing individuals for successful careers in IT, Technology, Cybersecurity, Infrastructure, and Telecommunications.
Our comprehensive training programs combine theoretical knowledge with practical experience to equip candidates with the skills and expertise needed in today's competitive landscape.
We offer industry-recognized certifications that validate our candidates' abilities and demonstrate their commitment to professional growth. With experienced instructors who are industry professionals themselves, we provide personalized guidance and mentorship, ensuring that our graduates are well-prepared for the challenges and opportunities in their chosen fields.

Courses offered by AION Campus
Industry Training Program
On-the-Job training
Cyber Security Education & Certification
Practical Laboratory Experience
Industry Certification Bootcamp
Become Industry Ready in 4 Months



Shameen Samarawickrema

NSE 01, NSE 02, NSE 03, SC-900, CISCO and 13+ Professional Certifications

Iromika Udayappriya

NSE 01, NSE 02, NSE 03, SC-900, CISCO, SIEM and 11+ Professional Certifications

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